Destructive Voice

a CTF team from Ural Federal University, Yekaterinburg

MMA CTF 1st 2015: Simple Hash (Reverse & PPC 200)

 Sep 10, 2015


Get the flag!

nc 6669


We are given an archive that contains a 32-bit Linux executable. Let’s analyze it in IDA Pro, starting from main function.
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MMA CTF 1st 2015: pieceofeight reloaded (Misc 200)

 Sep 7, 2015

We are given an address, an image of our goal (which looks like a 3x3 version of the 15 puzzle) and a strange hint.

Let’s connect to the given address:
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VolgaCTF Quals 2014 Web 300

 Apr 4, 2014

In this task we have a script at that accepts GET parameter e looking like a command. If command is valid, a result will be printed, otherwise we will get a blank page. The first question - what language this command is written on?
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VolgaCTF Quals 2014 Recon 300

 Apr 1, 2014

We have a facebook page. Firstly, let’s check the information. We can find his Instagram, vk page and a site.

To finish with facebook page I decided to read his post. In one message he writes that he want to download free music and about VK music.
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VolgaCTF Quals 2014 Joy 500

 Mar 31, 2014

The the+monument+rocket.PSD was given. Opening it with Photoshop fails. So I checked the file type:

$ file the+monument+rocket.PSD
the+monument+rocket.PSD: JPEG image data, EXIF standard 2.21

Well, let’s try to open this file as jpeg. It opens succesfully (there’s a reduced version below).

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DEFKTHON 2014 Misc 300

 Mar 5, 2014

Try to extract downloaded It’s password protected, but we can see that there is only file inside. So try password 46783.

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